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专题16 记叙文类完形填空
Behind our house is the start of a fascinating trail (小径). This trail is one of the old roads that wind through untold miles of forest. My 36 , Beans, and I walk the trail frequently. Normally, Beans sniffs alongside the trail to follow the smell of a deer track or 37 some cause known only to him.
Beans is a white dog, quite handsome and very 38 . He not only understands what we tell him, but also often makes sounds as if he were trying to 39 back.
One morning, we took a different route, which led us to an unfamiliar trail. I was sure this trail would eventually lead us to our familiar 40 . But, no. We seemed to be far off course. After two hours, I suddenly realized that Beans probably 41 the way home. So I urged, "Beans, take me home." He ran down a new trail. But it merely led to an intersection (岔道口) of trails.
Soon it became 42 that we were getting nowhere. I began to picture the rest of the day in the 43 , without food or drink. We had walked about ten miles. But Beans seemed totally 44 . The sniffing and exploring was going well for him.
Finally, we 45 a crossroad near a highway. Lady Luck suggested I should turn left. We did and 46 reached a cottage beside a field. I knocked on the door and explained my situation to an old man. He laughed and then drove us home.
Since our adventure, I 47 that Beans probably knew all along how to get home. He was just having too much fan exploring new trails.
36. A. deer B. dog C. lady D. man
37. A. imagine B. consider C. explore D. present
38, A. smart B. sweet C. slow D. shy
39. A. turn B. kick C. jump D. speak
40. A. driveway B. path C. crossroad D. highway
41. A. knew B. saw C. showed D. made
42. A, mysterious B. ridiculous C. fascinating D. apparent
43. A. house B. forest C. field D. cottage
44. A. unconcerned B. unconscious C. undecided D. uncomfortable
45. A. left for B. went off C. came to D. drove toward
46. A. punctually B. frequently C. formally D. shortly
47. A. regretted B. remembered C. concluded D. confirmed

【语篇解读】我的狗Beans领着我沿着一条不熟悉的小路散步而迷路了,结... 更多>> 简介:?十年高考真题分类汇编(2010-2019) 英语
专题17 夹叙夹议类完形填空
A man who knows how to write a personal letter has a very powerful tool.A letter can be enjoyed,read and 21 . It can set up a warm conversation between two people far apart(远离的);it can keep a 22 with very little effort.
I will give 23 . A few years ago my older brother and I were not getting 24 We had been close as 25 but had grown apart. Our meetings were not 26 ; our conversation was filled with arguments and quarrels; and every effort to clear the air seemed to only 27 our misunderstanding. Then he 28 a small island in the Caribbean and we 29 touch .One day he wrote me a letter. He describeb his island and its people, told me what he was doing,said how he felt,and encouraged me to 30 . Rereading the letter, I was 31 by its humor(幽默)and clever expressions,These were all qualities for which I had 32 respected my order brother but 33 he no longer had them.I had never known he could write so 34 .And with that one letter we became friends 35.
It might never have occurred to 36 to write me if he had not been in a place where there were no 37 ,For him, writing was a necessity, It also turned out to be the best way for us to get back in touch.Because we live in an age of 38 communication(通讯),people often 39 that they don’t always have to phone or email. They have a 40 . And that is to write.
21. A.received B.rewritten C.returned D .reread
22.A.record B .promise C.friendship D .secret
23.A.an example B.a lesson C.an experience D.a talk
24.A. through B .together C.along D .away
25.A.brothers B .children C.fellows D .classmates
26.A.normal B .necessary C.pleasant D .possible
27.A.deepen B .start C .express D .settle
28.A.toured B .stopped over C.reached D.moved to
29.A.lost B .kept in C .needed D .got in
30.A.think B .write C .enjoy D .read
31.A.driven B .beaten C .surprised D .honored
32.A.never B .seldom C .sometimes D.once
33.A.realized B .judged C .thought D .expected
34.A.well B .often C .much D .soon
35.A.later B .anyhow C .too D .again
36.A.us B .anyone else C.someone D .my brother
37.A.mail services B.transport C.phones D .relatives
38.A.poor B .easy C .popular D .busy
39A.believe B.decide C .argue D . forget
40.A.habit B .choice C .method D . plan
【总体评析】最近几年来的完形填空试题材料选材上,都力图选取一篇有教育意义和现实实用价值的文章。受到更多先进快捷媒体比如internet的冲击的现状,作者通过回顾和现状事实的对比描述,也表达了自己的担忧:未来书信何去何从?通常来讲,这样的文量均会是一篇记叙文或者一个与生活有关的一些经历描述:这篇文章就是亦属于与生活相关:这是一篇教育性或倡导性文章:通过描述自己与哥哥的交往变化来倡导书信在交流中的重... 更多>> 简介:?十年高考真题分类汇编(2010-2019) 英语
专题18 议论文和说明文类完形填空
It has been argued by some that gifted children should be grouped in special classes, The 1 has been on the belief that in regular classes these children are held back in their intellectual (智力的) growth by 2 situation that has designed for the 3 children.
There can be little doubt that 4 classes can help the gifted children to graduate earlier and take their place in life sooner. However, to take these 5 out of the regular classes may create serious problems.
I observed a number of 6 children who were taken out of a special class and placed in a 7 class. In the special class, they showed little ability to use their own judgment, relying 8 on their teachers’ directions. In the regular class, having no worry about ke( up, they began to reflect 9 on many problems, some of which were not on the school program.
Many are concerned that gifted children become 10 and lose interest in learning. However this 11 is more often from parents and teachers than from students, and some of these 12 simply conclude that special classes should be set up for those who are 13 . Some top students do feel bored in class, but why they 14 so goes far beyond the work they have in school. Studies have shown that to be bored is to be anxious. The gifted child whop is bored is an 15 child.
1. A. principle B. theory C. arguments D. classification
2. A. designing B. grouping C. learning D. living
3. A. smart B. curious C. mature D. average
4. A. regular B. special C. small D. creative
5. A. children B. programs C. graduates D. designs
6. A. intelligent B. competent C. ordinary D. independent
7. A. separate B. regular C. new D. boring
8. A. specially B. slightly C. wrongly D. heavily
9. A, directly B. cleverly C. voluntarily D. quickly
10. A. doubted B. bored C. worried D. tired
11. A. concern B. conclusion C. reflection D. interest
12. A. students B. adults C. scholars D. teachers
13. A. talented B. worried C. learned D. interested
14. A. believe B. think C. say D. feel
15. A. outstanding B. intelligent C. anxious D. ordinary
1. 答案:C
解析:考查名词,运用原词重现方法。前一句提到了argued, 所以此处用argument.
2. 答案:C
... 更多>> 简介:?十年高考真题分类汇编(2010-2019) 英语
专题19 人物传记、故事类阅读理解
When I was growing up in America, I was ashamed of my mother’s Chinese English. Because of her English, she was often treated unfairly. People in department stores, at banks, and at restaurants did not take her seriously ,did not give her good service ,pretended not to
Understand her ,or even acted as if they did not hear her .
My mother has realized the limitations of her English as well. When I was fifteen, she used to have me call people on phone to pretend I was she . I was forced to ask for information or even to yell at people who had been rude to her. One time I had to call her stockbroker (股票经纪人).I said in an adolescent voice that was not very convincing, “This is Mrs.Tan..”
And my mother was standing beside me ,whispering loudly, “Why he don’t send me cheek already two week lone.”
And then , in perfect English I said : “I’m getting rather concerned .You agreed to send the check two weeks ago, but it hasn’t arrived.”
Then she talked more loudly. “What he want? I come to New York tell him front of his boss.” And so I turned to the stockbroker again, “I can’t tolerate any more excuse. If I don’t receive the check immediately , I am going to have to speak to your manager when I am in New York next week.”
The next week we ended up in New York. While I was sitting there red-faced, my mother, the real Mrs.Tan, was shouting to his boss in her broken English.
When I was a teenager, my mother’s broken English embarrassed me. But now, I see it differently. To me, my mother’s English is perfectly clear, perfectly natural. It is my mother tongue. Her language, as I hear it, is vivid, direct, and full of observation and wisdom. It was the language that helped shape the way I saw things, expressed ideas, and made sense of the world.
41.Why was the author’s mother poorly served?
A.She was unable to speak good English.
B.She was often misunderstood.
C.She was not clearly heard.
D.She was not very polite.
42.From Paragorph 2, we know that the author was .
A.good a pretending
B.rude to the stockbroker
C.ready to help her mother
D.unwilling to phone for her mother
43.After the author made the phone call, .
A.they forgave the stockbroker
B.they failed to get the check
C.they went to New York immediately
D.they spoke to their boss at once
44.What does the author think of her mother’s English now?
A.It confuses her.
B.It embarrasses her.
C.It helps her understand the world.
D.It helps her tolerate rude people.
45.We can inter from the passage that Chinese English .
A.is clear and natural to non-native speakers
B.is vivid and direct to non-native speakers
C.has a verv bad reputation in America
D.may bring inconvenience in Ame... 更多>> 简介:?十年高考真题分类汇编(2010-2019) 英语
专题20 新闻报道、广告类阅读理解
Columbus College , 241 Queen Elizabeth Drive ,Kowloon City
To: All Staff
From: Jakie Mok , Secretary; Sports Development Committee
Date: May 20, 2010
A week ago, “Sports for Life” programme was sent to the parents, requiring them to select a sport they wanted their child to play. Since then, our staff have received lots of calls from parents asking for more information about it . Here is a memo (备忘录) for your reference when you answer the phones.
Sports 1:Basketball.
We expect that this will be the most popular of the four sports. Therefore, students should be advised to sign up as soon as possible . Students will take a private bus to and from Kwun Tong Sports Park .To cover the cost of hiring a bus , each student will have to pay $10 each time. There will be four basketball courts available for our use with one teacher watching over each game.
Sports 2:Gym
We will be using St. Peter’s Memorial Park. There are two reasons for choosing this park. Frist, it is not very busy and crowded before 6:00 pm. Second, it has lot of trees with plenty of shade. Students must bring along two bottles of water to prevent thirst. Three activities, skipping , jogging , outdoor aerobics (有氧运动),all of which are free of charge, will be arranged. And there will be a teacher on duty for each of the activities.
Sports 3: Hiking
Hiking(远足)will take place at Kowloon Peak. The activity will start at 2:30 pm and finish 90 minutes later. Three teachers will accompany the students, and a hiking instructor will accompany each group of 15 hikers . Each instructor will cost $75/hr. Students are advised to bring plenty of water and sunscreen.
Sports 4:Swimming
The Kowloon City Aquatic Centre is a 10-minute walk from our school. Four teachers will go to the pool and conduct the goings-on from the poolside. We will only be able to reserve the pool for one hour (i.e. 2:45pm to 3:45pm).Only students skilful at swimming can take up this activity. The pool will have two lifeguards present. Girls must wear a swimming suit. The cost is $10 per visit.

68.Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?
A. Students selecting basketball had better register early.
B. Students participating in gym should arrive at 6:00 pm.
C. Hiking usually begins at 2:30 pm and lasts 2 hours.
D. Students having swimming suits can take up swimming.[高&考%资(源#网]
69.It can be inferred from the passage that
A. students taking part in basket ball will walk to the courts.
B. every student can gain admission to one of the four sports
C. hiking students can have a regular rest in the shade of trees
D. students taking up the four sports should bri... 更多>> 简介:?十年高考真题分类汇编(2010-2019) 英语
专题21 社会生活、说理议论类阅读理解
The need to feed a growing population is putting much pressure on the word’s supply of water.With 97% of the word’s water too salty to be drunk or used in agriculture,the wordwide supply of water needs carefull management,especially in agriculture .Although the idea of a water shortage(短缺) seems strange to someone fortunate enough to live in a high rainfall country,many of the word’s agriculture industries experience constant water shortages.
Although dams can be built to store water for agriculture use in dry areas and dry seasons,the costs of water redistribution(重新分配) are very high.Not only is there the cost of the engineering itself,but there is also an envitonmental cost to be considered.Where valleys(山谷) are flooded to create dams,houses are lost and wildlife homes destroyed.Besides,water may flow easily through pipes to fields,but it cannot be transported from one side of the world to the other.Each country must therefore rely on the management of its own water to suply its farming requirements.
This is particularly troubling for countries with agricultural industries in areas dependent on irrigation(灌溉).In Texas,farmers’ overuse of irrigation water has resulted in a 25% reduction of the water stores.In the Central Vally area of southwestern USA,a huge water engineering project provided water for farming in dry valleys,but much of the water use has been poorly managed.
73. Saudi Arabia’s attempts to grow wheat in desert areas have seen the pumping of huge quantities of irrigation water from underground reserves.Because there is no rainfall in these areas, such reseWhich of the folloeing is true?
A. The water stores in Texas have been reduced by 75%.
B.Most industries in the world suffer from water shortages.
C.The underground watet in Saudi Arabia might run out in 50 years.
D.Good management of water use resulted from the project in the Central Valley.
74. What is most likely to be discussed in the paragraph that follows?
A. Steps to improving water use management.
B.Ways to reduce the cost of building dams.
C.Measures to deal with worldwide water shortages.
D.Approaches to handling the pressure on water supply.
The text is mainly about________.
A. water supply and increasing population
B.warer use management and agriculture
C.water redistribution and wildlife protection
D.water shotages and environmental protection
rves can only decrease,and it is believed that fifty years of pumping will see them run dry.
72. From the first two paragraphs we learn that .
A. much of the word’s water is available for use
B. people in high rainfall countries feel lucky
C. the costs of water redistribution should be considered
D. water can be easily carried through pipes across rhe world

Boiler rooms a... 更多>> 简介:?十年高考真题分类汇编(2010-2019) 英语
专题22 科普类说明文阅读理解
Have you ever wondered?
1. Why do airplanes take longer to fly west than east?
It can take five hours to go west-east from New York(NY) to London bur seven hours to travel east-west from London to NY. The reason for the difference is an atmospheric phenomenon known as the jet(喷射) stream. The jet stream is a very high altitude wind which always blows from the west to the east across the Atlantic. The planes moving at a constant air speed thus go faster in the west-east direction when they are moving with the wind than in the opposite direction.
2. What would happen if the gravity on Earth was suddenly turned off?
Supposing we could magically turn off gravity. Would buildings and other structures(建筑物) float away? What happened would depend on how strongly the things were attached to the Earth. The Earth is moving at quite a speed, moving at over a thousand miles per hours. If you turn something around your head on a string(细绳), it goes around in a circle until you let go of the string. Then it flies off in a straight line. ‘Switching off’ gravity would be like letting go of the string. Things not attached to the Earth would fly off in a straight line. People in buildings would suddenly shoot upwards at a great speed until they hit the ceiling. Most things outside would fly off into space.

60.What information can we get from the first passage?
A.It is jet stream that affects how fast airplanes fly
B.Planes go slower when they are moving with the wind
C.It takes more time to fly from NY to London than from London to NY
D.The yet stream always blows from the east to the west across the Atlantic

61.The word”shoot”underline in the 2nd passage probably means “ ”
A.send for B.move quickly C.come out D.grrow quickly

62.It can be inferred that without gravity .
A.buildings and other structures would float away
B.trees and buildings would not easily fly off
C.something around your head would not fly away
D.everything outside buildings would fly off into space

63.Where can we most probably read in the text
A.In a reseach paper B.In a short story
C.In a travel magazine D.In a student’s book
60.A 归纳总结题.根据短文第一段"The planes moving at a constant air speed thus go faster in the west-east direction when they are moving with the wind than in the o... 更多>> 简介:?十年高考真题分类汇编(2010-2019) 英语
专题23 阅读七选五

This Way to Dreamland
Daydreaming means people think about something pleasant, especially when this makes them forget what they should be doing. Daydreamers have a bad reputation for being unaware of what’s happening around them. They can seem forgetful and clumsy._71__They annoy us because they seem to be ignoring us and missing the important things.
But daydreamers are also responsible for some of the greatest ideas and achievements in human history. __72__ Can you imagine what kind of world we would have without such ideas and inventions?
So how can you come up with brilliant daydreams and avoid falling over tree roots or otherwise looking like a fool?
First, understand that some opportunities(机会) for daydreaming are better than others. Feeling safe and relaxed will help you to slip into daydreams.__73_ And if you want to improve your chances of having a creative idea while you’re daydreaming, try to do it while you are involved in another task—preferably something simple, like taking a shower or walking, or even making meaningless drawings.
It’s also important to know how to avoid daydreams for those times when you really need to concentrate. “Mindfulness”, being focused, is a tool that some people use to avoid falling asleep.__74__
Finally, you never know what wonderful idea might strike while your mind has moved slowly away.____75_
Always remember that your best ideas might come when your head is actually in the clouds.
A. Having interesting things to think about also helps.
B. They stare off into space and wander by themselves.
C. Without wandering minds, we wouldn’t have relatively, Coke or Post-it notes.
D. At one time, daydreaming was thought to be a cause of some mental illnesses.
E. It involves slow, steady breathing for self-control that helps people stay calm and attentive.
F. Daydreams are often very simple and direct, quite unlike sleep dreams, which may be hard to understand.
G. Therefore, it’s a good idea to keep a notebook or voice recorder nearby when you’re in the daydream zone.
73.本选项中的it指代前句的动名词短语feeling safe and relaxed,解题线索明显。故选E。
74.本段主要讲如何避免不合时宜的白日做梦,且选项中有also 为提示词。故选A。
75.本选项中有逻辑词therefore, 可为做题线索之- - ;前句讲好的想法随时会出现,所以选带个本子随时记,合情合理。故选G。
A. The mistaken belief
B. The need for tolerance
C. Unpunctuality at dinners
D. Punctuality and confidence
E. Self-discipline and punctuality
F. Avoid anxiety by being punctual
61. A ... 更多>> 简介:?十年高考真题分类汇编(2010-2019) 英语
专题24 短文改错
Christie was one of my best friend at high school 76
At that time, we often spend time together. 77
Thank to her help, I made great progress in my 78
study. Last year, she decided to study abroad. In 79
other words, we would be separated for long time. 80
Before her leaving off, I prepared a gift to show 81
my best whishes to him. She said it was the best 82
gift she has ever had. From then on, we’ve 83
kept touch with another through e-mails. I 84
look forward to see her again in the near future. 85
76. firend → friends. one of 后接名词复数
77. spend →spent. At that time表示过去发生的事情
78. Thank →Thanks. Thanks to 是固定短语,“多亏了,因为”
79. √
80. for a long. For a long time表示“一段时间”,固定短语
81. 去掉off.leave 已经表示离开之意,off多余
82. him →her. 代词使用要一致。
83. has →had.时态错误,应为过去完成时。
84. kept ∧in touch 固定短语keep in touch with表示“与人保持联系”
85. see →seeing. look forward to中的to是介词,后接动词时要用动名词形式。

It was a chance of a lifetime to win the first 76_______ ____
prize on the Story Writing Show. All I had to do 77_______ ____
was to write a story or present it. My teachers 78_______ ____
have been telling me how great my writing was. 79___ ____
So if they had said was true, I would have a chance 80____ ___
of winning the prize . What were better , I had useful 81.
help . There was Uncle Chen , gentleman living 82.
near my house , who was a very much famous writer 83
He agreed to reading my story and give me some 84
advices on how to write like a real writer 85
76. 正确。
77. on改为in, in…show “在…节目里”。
78. or改为and,or表选择,and表顺接和并列。
79. have改为had,上下文时态要一致。
80. if后加what,what引导主语从句,在句中意思为“…的话”
81. were 改为was,不可数名词谓语动词用单数。
82. gentleman前加a,gentleman是可数名词。
83. much去掉,“非常出名”,very修饰形容词,very much修饰动词。
84. reading改为read,agree to do sth.“同意做某事”。
85. advices改为advice,advice是不可数名词。

An English lady was finally decided that she really should 66_______
learn to drive, And after many attempts, she past her 67_______
driving test and... 更多>> 简介:?
十年高考真题分类汇编(2010-2019) 英 语
专题25 语法填空
Are you facing a situation that looking impossible to fix?
In 1969, the pollution is terrible along the Cuyahoga River near Cleveland, Ohio. It 61 (be)imaginable that it could be ever be cleaned up. The rive was so polluted that it 62 (actual) caught fire and burned. Now year late, this rive is one of63 most outstanding examples of environmental cleanup.
But river wasn’t changed in a few days 64 even a few months. It took years of work 65 (reduce) industrial pollution and clean the water. Finally, that hard work paid off and now the water in the river is 66 (clean) than ever.
Maybe you are facing an impossible situation. Maybe you have a habit 67 is driving your family crazy. Possibly you drink too much or don’t know how to control your credit card use. When you face such impossible situation, don’t you want a quick fix and something to change immediately.
While there are 68 (amaze) stories of instant transformation, for most of us the 69 (change) are gradual and require a lot of effort and work, like cleaning up a polluted river. Just be 70 (patience)

One morning , I was waiting at the bus stop , worried about 61 (be ) late for school ..There were many people waiting at the bus stop , 62 some of them looked very anxious and 63 (disappoint) .When the bus finally came , we all hurried on board .I got a place next 64 the window , so I had a good view of the sidewalk .A boy on a bike 65 (catch)my attention .he was riding beside the bus and waving his arms . I heard a passenger behind me shouting to the driver , but he refused 66 (stop ) until we reached the next stop .Still , the boy kept 67 (ride) . He was carrying something over his shoulder and shouting .Finally , when we came to the next stop , the boy ran up to the door of the bus . I heard an excited conversation .Then the driver stoop up and asked, “ 68 anyone lose a suitcase at the last stop ?” A woman on the bus shouted , “Oh dear “ It is 69 (I)”. She pushed her way to the driver and to the little boy .Everyone on the bus began talking about what the boy had done .And the passengers 70 (sudden)became friendly to one another .

Yangshuo, China
It was raining lightly when I 61 (arrive) in Yangshuo just be fore dawn. But I didn’t care. A few hours 62 , I’d been at home i... 更多>> 简介:?十年高考真题分类汇编(2010-2019) 英语
专题26 文字提纲式书面表达
内 容:公共场所禁烟
目 标:所有室内公共场所无烟w_w w. k#s5_u.c o*m
措 施:张贴禁烟标志W_w w.k*s*5 u.c@o m
(2)分 布:男性75%;女性:25%
(4)因二手烟死亡人数:超过10万/年W_w w.k*s*5 u.c@o m
二手烟:second-hand smoke
My country begines to carry out the policy that prevents smoking in public buildings since January 1st,2011.The main aim is to make every public rooms have no smoke by posting the sign of preventing smoking. There are 350 million people smoking recently, in which the male hold 75 percent and the female hold 25 percent. Because of these smokers, about 540 million non-smokers are influenced. More than 100 thousand people per year die because of the second smoke.
高考考点:5句话写作 复合句及并列句的应用
One Possible Version
English Advisor Wanted
The Student Union of our school decides to invite an international student to work as an English Study Advisor next term. The main responsibilities of the advisor include helping students to practice their oral English. Answering their questions, and helping organize activities such as singing English songs, English evenings, or lectures on interesting topics.
The applicant should be a native speaker of English. Fluency in Chinese is preferred. The advisor is expected to work 4 hours per week.
If you are interested, please call Li Hua at 13011223344 for an interview. Payment for the service will be discussed during the interview.
Student Union
1. 李越的事迹及其对同学的影响;
2. 你的评论。
注意:1. 文章的标题和开头已给出(不计词数)。
3. 参考词汇:singing contest 歌咏比赛
costume 服装
Star Student of the Week
Li Yue has been awarded the title of “Star Student of the Week” for what she did for our class. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________... 更多>>
十年高考真题分类汇编(2010-2019) 英语 专题16:如果本文侵犯了您的权利, 请联系本网立即做出处理,谢谢。
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