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答案 | 2019年12月四级答案





  26:B admiring

  27:M sealed

  28:I natural

  29:c contains

  30:K released

  31:L revealing

  32:O substance

  33:G liquid

  34:E evidence

  35:J potential


  36:E 段落第一句: USPS has sophisticated emergenc

  37:Ⅰ段落第一句: Mail companies are logistics

  38:C 段落第一句: As global surface temperatures in

  39∶G 段落第一句: Every day, USPS processes, on a

  40:K 段落第一句: Rebuilding can take a long time

  41:F 段落第一句: As soon as it' s safe enough to b

  42:B 段落第一句: Even the united states postal

  43:J 段落第一句: Private courier companies, wh

  44:D 段落第一句: Days after the deadly2017 wild

  45:H 段落第一句: It can be hard to identify which parcels are carrying crucial items




  46:B It is a course designed for students to learn online.

  47:C Students'questions were unsatisfied weith the assistants

  48:A She turned out to be a great success

  49:D They could not tell her from a real person

  50:C Assign her to answer more of students'questions


  51:C Not all of them achieved their anticipated goals

  52:B To identify reasons for their different outcomes

  53:B Its interaction with prospective donors

  54:A They should be small to be successful

  55:D Thcir fccling of conncction to the scientists themsclves



  26: B conclusion

  27: L spread

  28: K slim

  29: A accurate

  30: vulnerable

  31: C directly

  32: E evaluate

  33: G flights

  34: D either

  35H largely


  36:F段落第一句: The city is no empty

  37:I段落第一句: Park Yeon See, the man who first i

  38:D段落第一句: Chances are you' ve actually seen th

  39:G段落第一句:“What' s happened is that our focus on

  40:B段落第一句:The 18 th century really was a water

  41:E段落第一句:The city was supposed to be a hub fo

  42:H段落第一句:But this is not star trek

  43:A段落第一句:Getting around a city is one thing- an

  44:J段落第一句:Songdo’ s backers contend that it's st

  45:C段落第一句:Songdo is a stone' s throw from Sout



  46B) It may encourage other us cities to follow suit

  47CTake legal action against it

  48DIt criticized the measure through advertising

  49B) Help people to fix certain long-time health issues

  50A) They are becoming rather sensitive issues


  51D) The use of microwaves emits more CO2 than people

  52A) They are becoming more affordable

  53B) Improving microwave users' habits

  54A) There are far more emissions from cars than from

  55C) It plays a positives role in environmental




  26: B admiring

  27: M sealed

  28: I natural

  29: C contains

  30: K released

  31: L revealing

  32: 0 substance

  33: G liquid

  34:E evidence

  35:J potential





  46C)They cant connect professors and students as textbooks do

  47D) Falling sales

  48A) Reform its structures

  49C)Answer questions using their personal experience

  50B)They can learn in an interactive way


  51D)It gets energy from both food and sunlight

  52AThe genes it captures from the sea plant algae

  53D)They can produce chlorophyll on their own

  54C)They don't usually function inside animal cells

  55B)They can survive for months without eating



  The Chinese family ideas are related with her cultural traditions. harmonious extended families(big families) used to be very admirable, and it was not uncommon for four generations to live under the same roof. With this convention many young couples would continue to live with the parents. However, this practice is changing. With the improvement of the housing condition, more couples choose to live away from the parents but they still have close relations.Many elderly people help take care of their grandchildren and their children spare time to visit them, esp on important occasions like the Spring Festival and the Mid-Autumn Festival.

02 起名字


  The full name of China's Han ethnic group(people) is composed of family name( surname)and given name. One characteristic of the Chinese name is that the family name is always put before the given name. For thousands of years, the paternal surname( the father's family name) has been passed down through generations. However, it is not uncommon now for a child to have the maternal surname(the mother's family name). Generally speaking, a given name contains one or two Chinese characters, which carries the parents' hope for the kid. Therefore, it's easy to infer from the name what kind of person the parents expect their child to be, or what kind of life to lead Parents attach great importance to naming their kid as it will be his or her lifelong company.

03 教育投资


    Chinese families attach great importance to childrens education. Many parents believe that they should work hard to guarantee their kid good education. They are not only willing to invest in their childs education but also spend much time in supervising his or her study for most parents hope that their child can be admitted into a prestigious university Owing to China's reform and opening-up, more and more parents can afford their kid's study in a foreign country or an international exchange programme, which will broaden his or her horizon. Through all these efforts, they expect their child to grow up healthily to make contribution to the nations development and prosperity.


  Directions : For this part,you are allowed 30 minutes to write a letter to a foreign friend who wants to learn Chinese. Please recommend a place to him. You should write at least 120words but no more than 180words.


  Dear Mike,

  How is everything going with you? Last summer vacation, you told me that you want to learn Chinese, and that’s why I am writing to you to recommend a suitable place where you can absolutely have a fruitful learning experience.

  If you want to learn Chinese, I would like to recommend you to go to Beijing, the heart of this country. To begin with, Beijing is the capital of China with profound historical sediment in culture. Not only can you get in touch with those who speak the most standard Mandarin, but also you will experience the essence of real Chinese culture. Furthermore, there are a great number of prestigious language schools and Chinese training institutes. With systematic study and frequent practice in life, I believe you will master basic Chinese soon.

  All in all, I sincerely welcome you to have a visit to Beijing. I will wait for you there and offer help whenever you need. I am already eagerly awaiting your reply.


Li Hua

02 推荐学习汉语的城市

  Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a letter to a foreign friend who wants to learn Chinese. Please recommend a city to him. You should write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words.


  Dear Alex,

  On hearing that you are planning to study Chinese, I decide to write you a letter to recommend city to you. My recommendation is Changsha, which is one of the most modernized and civilized cities in China.

  The reasons why I recommend this city can be listed as follows. First of all, Changsha, where many amazing museums are located, is such a fantastic city that you can improve your Chinese while experiencing the prosperity of Chinese traditional culture. Furthermore, most of the people in Changsha are talkative. So, you may have a lot of opportunities to exercise your oral Chinese with local native speakers. Most important of all, Hunan Normai University, which lies in the western part of Changsha, has a high reputation for its Chinese language and literature eduction. Thus, it's very convenient for you to go there to attend some Chinese lessons or lectures if the time is right.

   I truly hope that you can come to Changsha to study your Chinese and I'm looking forward to your arrival. If you have any questions about your future life in China, please feel frce to contact me for further information.

  Yours sincerely

    Li Ming 

03 推荐学习英语的大学

  Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a letter to a foreign friend who wants to learn Chinese. Please recommend a university to him. You should write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words.


  Dear Lucy,

  I am delighted to hear that you are going to learn Chinese in a Chinese university. Since you have asked for my advice about choosing which university, I will try to give you some useful suggestions here.

  It is well known that Peking University is a great place to learn Chinese. There are several factors accounting for this choice and the following are the most typical ones. First and foremost,Peking University is one of the top universities in China and the birthplace of many great minds. Therefore,it can provide high-quality teaching resources,which is essential for a foreigner learner.In addition,Beijing is the capital of China and there are various historic buildings.They provide foreign students a good chance to know Chinese culture and history.

  I hope you will find these suggestions helpful and wish you all the best.


  Li Ming

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